Designed to Seduce

The bodywork: Athletic. The aura: Sensual.

An athlete with a strong personality. Its contours suggest sportiness. The details provide confirmation. Whether by the high, arching beltline, the extremely low side windows, the two-section tail lights or the broad shoulders, every inch of the new CLS shows how sensuous athleticism can be.

Mercedes CLS feature - The impression

The impression: Refined. The temptation: Major.

The first touch. Soft leather, fine wood and a glass-fronted widescreen cockpit that appears to float freely. It all feels just right. Stimulating the senses. Yet relaxing you at the same time. Even the air vents are given dramatic colour highlights.

Mercedes CLS feature - Sportiness

Sportiness and sensuality in perfect harmony

While your hands stroke the wood trim elements, your eyes embark on a fascinating journey, starting at the fully frameless inside rearview mirror. Illuminated air vents extravagantly draw your attention. Your gaze continues to take in the two-tone interior colour scheme, which follows the wave-like design from the front to the rear and even integrates the B-pillar. It finally falls on the sporty rear seats, which underline the exclusivity with their individual-seat look. Iconic design meets the true quality of a custom shop.


Mercedes-Benz CLS


Technical Data

Technical data for Mercedes CLS


Mercedes CLS feature - Multibeam LED headlamps


Mercedes CLS feature - Widescreen Cockpit

Widescreen Cockpit with instrument display

Mercedes CLS feature - Air Body Control


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Colour Options for Mercedes CLS

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Alloy options for Mercedes CLS

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